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Farm2Cook is a modern meat delivery app. They offer an unlimited choice of meats (Mutton/Poultry and Shrimps) in various cuts. 

Now one can get best quality meat at the most reasonable price without having to set foot out of

their house. The product offering is fresh consisting of organic, grass fed and free range.

Relish the taste of fresh meat which is cleaned, hand-cut by butchers, processed at their own processing center with extreme care and precaution, and securely packed so that it retains its freshness. The meat offered by them is 100% fresh, 100% halal-cut, 100% natural, safe and free from any kind of preservatives or additives.

Key Highlights:

This app was developed in React Native technology. It provides option to choose from their exceptional range including free-range chicken and goat. To facilitate customer convenience, you can order online and get it home delivered or opt for store pick up. The app content gets updated as per their Shopify website.

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