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Mobile App Development on a Budget

mobile app development

With the increased use of mobile devices like Tablets, Smartphones and Smartwatches, the apps have become a necessity for most businesses to stay ahead of the competition. This growing usage of Apps has led to a revolution in the online world. It has played an important role in helping the growth of many businesses across various sectors. If you too are planning to come up with an app, then you are at the right place. We will help you keep up with your target consumer by being present in their mobiles 24/7. As we proceed further we would like to address some key questions that are bound to pop up in your head irrespective of the functioning area (eg: food, dating) of the app. Here are a couple of points to go through before you have your meet up with the app development company.

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Costing of an App:

The very first and the most crucial question that you need to go through whether you are about to develop

an app or about to sell it is – How Much Does App Development Cost? To start with, there are a few broad points on which the cost of designing an app would depend. These are stated below in no particular order.

App Functionality and Purpose:

It’s very important to understand that this would not only help you have a good app, but also help in increasing your app reach. At the end giving you a perfectly designed app as per your need. For example, the functionality and the visual effects of a dating app would not be like that of a games app. Thus, dictating the app development cost that one would have to put in when it comes to designing.

Mobile Platform and Devices to Support:

Whether you are designing an app for Android, looking to hit the I-phone client base or wanting to enter the windows market, is something that would again play a vital role in deciding the money that you might need to shell out of your pocket. To understand in detail how a single app is made for different platforms (eg:

Android, I-phone etc) give HYBRID VS NATIVE apps a read.

Use of visual objects:

The use of more visual objects makes the app more appealing. However, that does also mean that you would have to prepared to pay a higher amount. But they should not be completely neglected because of the cost involved and there must be a balance in the same, making sure that you get a great app which is pocket-friendly too.

Maintenance Plan:

After you have completed the designing of the app the important question to ask yourself is, whether your app would require any technical support from your app designer? If yes, then obviously you might have to pay more. This would surely vary from app to app and thus one would have to keep this in mind too while developing an app.

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Use of Smart Phone Hardware Features:

The decision to incorporate certain hardware features of the smart phone, like the GPS tracker, the mic and the cameras, could also affect final costing of the app. This will vary from one app to another impacting the

app developing cost.

Freemium or Lite:

Well, this is something that too needs to be mentioned here. Freemium is the use of the app for free. Many of the apps available online are free for use. While the lite apps are those where the users need to pay a nominal fee to download the app. Simply put if one is going for the lite option while choosing your app, then he or she would not be looking only for the basic needs. And if you are looking to offer only the basic services, then opting for Freemium app would be a better option.

These were some of the most important and essential points to be considered during your mobile application development process which can will help you control your expenses. But if you are yet to choose the platform on which you want to start working on, then we can help you with a few options that we are aware of to help ensure that the cost of app design remains as per the need

1. Apple iOS:

This is the most expensive operating system to work on. However, at the same time, it is also the most profitable one when seen from the perspective of a developer. While the operating system platform costs a lot for the developers, the profit margin is quite high, making it one of the most widely accepted app development platforms across the world.

2. Android:

This is not the most profitable one when it comes to the development, but it is the most popular one.

For that reason, the developer needs to ensure that he knows the ins and outs of this operating software, which would help them serve the largest number of clients. Thus, playing an important role in app development costs.

3. Windows OS:

Once we have this – now its shut down.The Windows operating system comes next. Although they do not pay much, there has been a slow growth in this operating software in the last couple of years. This is the reason why one might see a significant growth in the number of developers working in this segment.

4. BlackBerry OS:

This operating system has been losing its demand for quite a few years at a stretch now. Although the apps

developed on this operating system do not pay very high, the operating system platform is cheaper than most others which makes this particular operating system one that some people still rely on. Thus, the developers’ advice to go for it even in this declining market. 

After having gone through the above, we hope you have an enriched knowledge about the app development industry. If you want somebody to be your step by step guide in the app development process, then make sure to visit To make the process even more simpler and to take away from your stress, we have an app calculator. It can give you an estimate depending upon your app features and functionality by simply filling in a quick and easy questionnaire.

We would now like to shed some light on – the average cost of the apps developed in the four operating system in the year 2015. This data has remained in the similar ratio, in the app market even today.

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To simplify the process, lets look at how the mobile application development companies break down the app designing process into different stages.

Expense Stages of App Design:

Initial Developments:

It is also known as Research and Development department, they are responsible for understanding the

market for which the app is to be prepared. The very first stage of an app design is to make sure that the surveys and the initial developments are done to perfection. According to most of the developers, this is one of the most expensive stages. A developer at times spends more than $5,000 to $10,000 in this process.

Design Stage:

This is where the main part comes to play and adds to the cost of app design. Ideas are executed to meet the demands of the client and the user, such as to make a user-friendly and cost-effective app. The designing stage takes up a lion’s share of the app development

process, which means that developers spend almost two-thirds of the money for designing the app.

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Testing and Deployment Stage:

testing stage

After having designed an app, the app must be checked and rechecked, to make sure that they have been developed perfectly according to the plan. In this stage the app is fully tested and put together in front of the users, before being finally launched in the market.

Upon the completion of the above three stages the app is ready to be downloaded. The app now out in the market is ready to serve its customers, who can now enjoy the benefits provided by these apps.

Another factor that can deeply impact the cost of app development is the country in which it is developed.

This is because the hourly rate of app developers differs across the world. Although almost all the countries are now starting off with app development, as that is the need of the hour. However, the pay rates are just not the same. While in North America, the cost is something between $125 to $ 60 per hour, the highest that an Indian developer gets on an average is something around $50 per hour and it can be as low as $15 per hour. In South America and Australia, the per hour charge of the best developers is something around $70 whereas in the middle east and in Singapore, it is $70 and $100 respectively. Thus, developers from across the world, even if they have the same level of expertise do not get paid equally. Hence widely segregating the cost of designing an app from one place to another.

We’ve already discussed the cost involved in the developing stages. But the task isn’t over yet, one must keep in mind that they will have to allocate a certain budget to deal with issues post the release of the app in the market. After the app has been formally launched in the market, there would be a few more expenses involved as we will be discussing below.

Post Release Cost:

1. App Management Cost:    Once the app is out for the end-users to use, the app must be maintained properly. The data of each individual needs to be stored securely and much more. All these would again add to the app development cost, thus comprising the management cost. 

2. Hosting:    An app needs to be hosted on any of the platforms available, to make sure that they are running perfectly fine. These hosts too need to be paid and that is just the reason why this is one of the most important expenses after developing an app. 

3. Monitoring:    An app requires constant monitoring. No matter how good the app has been developed, it would always need monitoring to make sure that it has all that it takes to woo the customers daily. Also, with

the stiff competition in the app segment one needs to stay constantly updated with new feature add ons and bug fixes.   

4. Marketing:    The app owners must make sure that the app is being marketed properly, to make sure that they are able to attract large number of customers to the app every day. This means the company needs to spend huge amounts on marketing to gain traction in the market. Once again adding to the cost of app design. 

5. Licenses:  

Not every app can be used everywhere, either due to geographical constraints or age constraints. The same can be defined by the fact that the licensing is very important when it comes to the usage of the app after the final app is developed.   



With the above information, we have tried jotting down in detail all the factors that need to be considered before we set foot in the app development industry. This would help us have a better knowledge about the costing involved. However, one of the key things that we would like to mention here is the fact that apps are the future of the industry. So, do not back off just because it has a high cost involved. Please make sure that you do your research properly before taking the plunge.Creation of an app would help you to broaden your

business in a way that you’ve always wanted to. As an app development company at, we would like to suggest that you start off with apps developed in various

operating systems simultaneously. Not only will it help you save a lot of capital, but also present you with the best outcome that you could have asked for. As a positive consequence you can gain a larger number of customers and reach out to more people than you could on a single platform. We now come to an end of our long yet detailed discussion about the cost of designing an app, hoping that you can benefit from all the suggestions and tips.

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