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9 Crafts

E- Commerce

An online Furniture Company dedicated to providing end-to-end interior solutions and premium grade wood at your fingertips. They can be accessed through their e-commerce Website or their Mobile App.

9Crafts specializes in providing end-to-end interior solutions. They cover everything, from your home to the office. The user can customize it all -desired dimensions, materials, styles, colors & finishes. They cater to Interior Solutions for 4BHK, 3BHK, 2BHK, and Villas, which includes Modular Kitchens, Sofas, Wardrobes and much more.

The Furniture is designed with best quality and premium grade teak woods like Nagpur Teak, Burma Teak, Ivory Coast, etc. These are procured from reliable vendors in Singapore, Panama, and Burma, and can be aesthetically adored for intricate craftsmanship. With their in-house manufacturing unit, you will get the best price.

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