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Corporate Bed

Hospitality Sector

Corporate Bed is an application for the hospitality industry. It is particularly for corporate people who want to book stay at hotels. In this application, once anybody searches for booking hotels or trips, the back-end team will get the details and they will be contacted by the Corporate Bed Team. Their them will assist them to find a good accommodation and book it for them. Users can book directly from the app if they are clear about the details and places. This app will be released in Android, iOS and web versions. Corporate Bed believes there are more and more opportunities for Hotels to attract the corporate travelers and drive more revenue.

Business travelers book more room nights and yield a higher profit than leisure travelers. They also tend to stay mid-week, where the Hotels have more rooms to sell. When Hotels sell more room nights to business travelers, their average daily rate goes up, which leads to higher revenue per available room, which drives higher profitability for the property.

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